Whether you want to impress friends at gatherings or simply enjoy a custom brew after a long day, this Super Deluxe starter kit is your gateway to the world of home brewing.


  • Comprehensive Homebrew Equipment: The kit includes a fermenter with a lid, an airlock, a tap, and a thermometer , along with a bench capper and heater . This setup ensures you can control the fermentation process accurately and easily , as well as makes bottling a breeze.
  • Ingredients: Comes with a beginner-friendly recipe kit of your choice, including options like Aussie Pub Draught, Cascade Single Hop Pale Ale, and Mosaic American Pale Ale.
  • Easy-to-Follow Instructions: Detailed step-by-step guide to make the brewing process straightforward, even for first-time brewers.
  • Long-lasting Quality: The brewing gear is designed to last a lifetime, providing ongoing value and enabling you to expand your brewing setup as you become more experienced.
  • Additional Equipment Compatibility: The kit is compatible with additional equipment like the Bottle tree and Rinser, which simplifies the bottling process, making it quick and hassle-free.

Why You Should Buy

  • Complete beer brewing set with all essential equipment  this kit is tailored for those new to brewing, offering an economical and effective way to start brewing high-quality beer at home.
  • Value for Money: Significant savings compared to purchasing each piece of equipment separately.
  • Lifetime Durability: High-quality materials ensure the equipment can be used for many brewing cycles, making it a long-term investment.
  • Customizable Brewing: With a variety of recipe kits to choose from, you can experiment with different beer styles to find your favourite.

This Super Deluxe Kit includes the addition of the Italian made Super Auto Bench Capper and a Heater Pad . The italian made capper makes bottling fast and simple.  The Heater Pad is exactly what you need to maintain a good brewing temp when it gets cold. 

The Super Deluxe  Equipment Explained

Fermenter Complete: 30 litre screw top fermenting barrel with tap, airlock and thermometer

Hydrometer & Test Flask: to test your brew to ensure fermentation is complete before bottling

Brew Sanitiser & Cleaner: It is essential all gear is cleaned and sanitise to protect against infection.

Bottle Brush: you may need to scrub old bottles especially pre-loved ones.

Mixing Spoon 39cm:  to help mix and dissolve the brewing malts before adding yeast.

Bottling Valve: Fits to the fermenting tap to make bottle filling quick and easy

Carbonation Drops: Each carbonation sugar drop contains a measured dose of brewing sugar to create secondary bottle carbonation.

Bench Capper: Leaver action capper with adjustable height to cap any bottle. (Italian Made)

Heat Pad:  Energy efficient 25W heater. The fermenter sits on top of the heater gently warm the brew in cold weather. Remember most brews will get stuck and lie dormant at temperatures below 16 degrees.

Instructions: Simple comprehensive and easy to follow. If you can bake a cake you can easily make a great beer!


Plus your choice of some of our most popular recipe kits to make a 21L batch of a beer to suit your tastes right from your very first brew.  

Please select one of the following from the drop down box:


Aussie Pub Draught, with the perfect malt hops and yeast to make a classic Australian Pub style beer. Pour it cold and share it with your best mates.

Cascade Single Hop Pale Ale, A delicious pale ale with balanced fruit & malt character & light bitterness. Expect citrus, floral & spicy aroma & flavours driven by the most famous hop of them all, the Mighty Cascade.

Mosaic American Pale Ale, This beer delivers a delicious American Pale Ale with pale amber colour and plenty of flavour driven the hugely popular US grown Mosaic hops. A late addition of these hops provides a subtle yet complex array of tropical fruit, citrus, berry, earthy & pine character . 

Amarillo Golden Ale, Subtle malt & fruit undertones finished with a pleasing well-balanced bitterness driven by a late addition of US-grown Amarillo hops. Expect unique strong floral, zesty citrus aroma & flavours to linger.

Californian Lager, A light golden coloured easy-drinking session lager with plenty of flavor driven by the late addition of US grown Loral hops. Expect fruit driven citrus and floral characteristics  a delicious grapefruit and citrus aroma. A real thirst quencher.

Pacific Pale Ale, A bolder Pacific Ale with a refreshing full flavour. Pale malts collaborate with Galaxy & Ella hops to bring forward peach & passionfruit tropical fruit & spice characters, to finish crisp with a smooth bitterness.

Black IPA,  A fearsome, hoppy dark beer with flavours ranging from grapefruit to coffee. Strong ABV, slightly roasty medium body - with a big whack of Simcoe hops. Everything you want, in one beer!

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Brand Australian Home Brewing
Shipping Weight 26.0000kg
Shipping Width 57cm
Shipping Height 32cm
Shipping Length 32cm
Shipping Cubic 0.058368000m3
Unit Of Measure ea
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