Home Brew fermenter

Australian Home Brew is dedicated to the timeless craft of homebrew. Therefore, it is only natural that we are a leading distributor of the most important aspects of the home brewing process. We proudly present an extensive collection of brewing fermenters, Grainfather Stainless Steel fermenters, fermenting buckets, fermenter heater pads, fermenter accessories and more.

Our Grainfather Conical Stainless-Steel fermenter equipment is some of the highest quality available on the market, and the perfect addition to the your home brewing repertoire. Notice the difference for yourself: you will find the fermentation process a much easier, more efficient experience with a fermenter from the homebrew experts at Australian Home Brewing.

Furthermore, our fermenting buckets, fermenter heater pads and extended list of brewing equipment is perfect for any aspiring brewer looking to complete their ensemble with some top-quality fermenting equipment.

Australian Home Brewing – Dedicated to Brewing Excellence

Australian Home Brewing has a genuine passion for top quality home brew. That’s how we started out all those years ago – distributing beer making ingredients to people with a passion for making delicious ale in their garage or shed.

We have since expanded to become Australia’s go-to for all things home brew and distilling-related. Furthermore, our products are all trialed and tested for us to ensure they are the very best. As serious, respected figures in the home brew industry, it’s only natural that we wouldn’t settle for second best when it comes to distributing superior homebrew equipment.

The same goes for our collection of fermenting gear. Our stainless-steel fermenters, heat pads, taps, airlocks, thermometers and more are always the best quality gear.

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We are always happy to help our valued customers with their enquiries regarding home brewed products, including that of our fermenting equipment.

If you have any enquiries regarding these products, feel free to call us at our either of our Melbourne locations or fill out an enquiry form on our contact page and we will get back to you with all the information you require.