Alembic Pot Still

Australian Home Brewing is a name synonymous with top shelf spirit production. We started long ago as Melbourne’s port of call for home beer production and have since expanded to become the country’s first choice for all things brewed, bottled, stilled and poured.

AHB has always stocked and supplied the very best small-batch spirit distillation equipment and ingredients. It is a given that we stock the world’s best copper construction Alembic Pot Still Systems which include the copper domes and condensers designed to fit the Turbo 500 25Lt Boilers.  With this copper pot distilling equipment, you will be able to create gins full of character and flavour using our Gin Botanicals and the Botanicals Basket.

If you prefer traditional Rum from fermented molasses or whisky made using a malt based fermentation then this copper distilling gear gives you all you need. All the craft distiller’s yeast, enzymes and nutrients required are available here at AHB.

This pot distilling equipment differs from the Turbo 500 Reflux column as it is designed to retain and enhance flavours from your fermented wash. The reflux column differs as it strips all the flavours from the wash to make a pure flavourless spirit. The extra copper surface area of the copper dome act as a catalyst for the spirit vapour and helps intensify and enhance flavours. It also acts to remove unwanted sulphur compounds.  It is one of the best pieces of equipment available for the production of top shelf smooth rich whiskey, bourbon, vodka, gin and other spirits.

This makes for the perfect gift for anyone who loves home distilling or is looking to try their hand at the great tradition. Browse our collection of craft distilling kits and accessories and find out why this is one of the ultimate products for the production of top quality  personal spirits.

The AHB Dedication to Home Distilling Excellence

AHB has long been committed to Australia’s home distillers. We believe in the production of top shelf quality spirits and liqueurs, and we want to ensure that our valued community of home producers have everything they need to make the best, most delicious spirit, whatever that spirit might be.

We believe we have that absolutely correct here at our online store. The alembic pot still, as all home brewers will know, is one of the most efficient and effective pieces of equipment for the production of top quality pot distilled spirits. We only stock the very best gear and it ready for you to pick up and get distilling.  

Contact Us to Find Out More

If you would like to find out more regarding this imperative spirit production equipment, or would like to enquire about its function, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at AHB.

We are dedicated to providing the home brewers wit an impeccable standard of service, and will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding this top quality equipment.

Send us an enquiry message or call either our Oakleigh South (03 9575 3900) or Richmond (03 9429 2066) stores and our team will happily assist you with your enquiries regarding our state of the art brewing equipment.