Wine Fermenting Equipment Melbourne

Don’t let the Australian Home “Brewing” name fool you – we are very privy to wine making, too. In fact right from the beginning over 50 years ago AHB was an published many recipes to satisfy the demand of the fruit and grape home winemakers. We still have some of the original copies in our vault with names like “Royal Reserve Bilberry” or “Elderberry Port”, Mead, Rosehip, Mulberry, Strawberry or Rose Petal styles. The ingredients may have changed over the years but love of vino making through generations of producers remains strong.

If you have long been a home brewing enthusiast but are looking to switch up your drop, home wine production is the natural transition. Fun and versatile, the process has taken off in Australia due to the ease at which a producer can make the finished product from home.

It used to be that wine could only be made in season when the grapes were ripe for picking, traditionally in March and April. Varieties made from other soft fruits could be made outside grape season when other seasonal fruits became available. Now using the same methods, grapes that sourced from the finest vineyards in Australia, New Zealand, California, Europe and South America can be made into superb premium varieties all year round. Our “Selection” and “World Vineyard” kits from Wineexpert provide all the juice and ingredients for 30 bottles per batch.

Whether you are producing from kits or sourcing your own fruit the mechanisms are the same so the hobby can be year round using the same gear. AHB have made it very easy to get started with our Wine Stater Kit.

We are proud to present a collection of products that are sure to produce the most tantalising drops you have ever had the pleasure of fermenting yourself. Our collection of mechanisms includes everything from table top presses to fermenting drums, demijohns, carboys, siphons, and all the essential ingredients including premium yeast, nutrients, acids, enzymes and preservatives to produce your own delicious reds and whites at home.

AHB – Your First Choice for Wine Making Equipment

Australian Home Brewing has long been Melbourne’s (and now Australia’s) first choice for home brewing equipment. From what began as a humble enterprise selling all the essential ingredients for brewing and winemaking has, over our 50 years’ of service, expanded to become Australia’s most trusted name for all things fermented, distilled, brewed, cooled – you name it.

With such prowess in the home alcohol industry, it should come as no surprise that Australian Home Brewing is the home makers go-to for all things red and white. Our extensive collection of table top presses, demijohns, carboys, corkers, corks, bottles siphons, jugs, and everything else necessary to make a great drops, is available right here at our online store and ready for you to make a delicious drop with.

If you have any further enquiries about our collection of production equipment, please feel free to get in contact with our friendly team of home production professionals. Send us an enquiry message, call or pop in to either our Oakleigh South or Richmond stores.