• Easy Siphon Kit 
  • 1m x 8mm food grade tubing

Easy Syphon for a liquid transferring from vessel to vessel eliminating the hassle of starting a syphon. Essential for homebrewers, this auto siphon is the easiest and quickest method to transfer your brew from carboy to bottle. With the racking cane, it only takes a few minutes to syphon off a 20lt batch. Gone are the days of syphoning the old way. Simply insert the auto siphon into your fermenter and pump the centre tube to start the siphoning process. The tip on the racking cane is specially designed to minimize the pickup of sediment during transfer.

Plastic construction; can be disassembled for cleaning.


  • Diameter 28mm, Length 58cm


Barcode # 825392006603
Shipping Weight 5.1000kg
Shipping Width 5cm
Shipping Height 3cm
Shipping Length 45cm