Food-grade silicone is always beet than rubber as it does not leave any taint on the wine or spirit.

The taper is from 25 to 38mm.

It is a tapered bung and the size is a diameter of 25mm at the base and 38mm at the top . This silicone bung is asolid bung with no airlock hole.

Suitable to fit in the Flagon Glass Bottles 2Lt , 23L glass carboy and the 11L Glass Carboy.

Please note this bung is not suited to the 5Lt Glass 5lt with screw cap. The 5lt Bottles are suited to a Silicone Bung 37-45mm 


Barcode # 4444378163779
Shipping Weight 0.0200kg
Shipping Width 4cm
Shipping Height 3cm
Shipping Length 3cm
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