Canadian made 23lt PET Carboy, for beer brewing, wine making, water storage etc.

Choose a Vintage Shop No10 bung 43-51mm to fit the top of the carboy.

Features and Benefits of the Vintage shop Pet Carboy

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Unbreakable
  • Total oxygen barrier
  • Clear design
  • Food grade and BPA free.
  • Excellent choice for fermentation, aging, and storage

Lightweight and shatterproof: The high-quality food grade PET material used to make the carboy is lightweight, super strong and shatterproof. It’s very easy to handle and ideal for shipping.

Easy to clean and scratch resistant: WE recommend Brewclean as a non-detergent cleaner as the best possible cleaner to keep this unit perfectly clean.

Oxygen barrier: The PET material has an excellent oxygen barrier, preventing oxidisation and preserving the flavour and aroma of your batch.

Clarity: It’s totally transparent allowing you to easily monitor the progress of fermentation & aging.

Purpose built capacity for Wine Making Kits: With a volume of 23 litres, the carboy can accommodate Winepert Wine Kits which allows you to make wine 12 months of the year. Each batch of 23Lt will make 30 bottles of wine.

Recyclable: PET is a recyclable material, making the carboy an environmentally friendly option.


Barcode # 9329875005929
Shipping Weight 18.0000kg
Shipping Width 70cm
Shipping Height 50cm
Shipping Length 35cm
Unit Of Measure ea
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