Making quality spirits at home can be an easy and fun process. It’s possible to create hundreds of different spirits that evoke the taste of the leading commercial brands – your only limitation is your imagination!

How To Choose The Right Still For You

Here's a brief overview of the different types of stills: Possibly the best home distillation system in the world is the STILL SPIRITS Turbo 500, this is known as a reflux still with a condenser that sits on a 25 L boiler with power output of 2200 watt

How To Use Botanicals & Gin Making

Learn how to use fresh Botanicals to take your Gin making to another level .

How to Use Glycerine to Make Smoother, Better Spirits

Glycerine is used to smooth and mellow spirits and add some modest body , read more to understand why you should always use Glycerine when making your spirits at home .

Spirit Recipes

We are well known for our spirit and liqueur recipes that are similar to the popular spirits & liqueurs available in good bottle shops. These recipes are not exact copies of the named commercial version but they close enough and sometimes even better !

Spirits and liqueur types

We only stock the highest quality top shelf Spirit and liqueur flavours - more Information on Still spirits here ,


We stock and create world class Spirit making recipe kits and flavours. Click through here for more information to get you started,

Fermentation Techniques

A complete guide to fermentation techniques.

Making Spirits with the Turbo 500

The Still Spirits Turbo 500 is the ultimate small batch distillation system extracting an incredibly high 95% of potential alcohol from the wash. Here we explain to you how to use it in 4 simple steps.

How a still works

A still (short for distillation unit) is a device that separates a mixture of 2 or more different liquids into their individual components - find out more information here , or give as a call.

For those who want complete simplicity

Unlike other air stills on the market, the Still Spirits Air Still has design features to optimise its suitability for alcohol. Many other air stills are unmodified water stills that do not work as well for alcohol. Find out more here .