Spirits and liqueur types

Here is a list of all the Still Spirits ranges of spirit and liqueur flavour essences. There are other brands on the market but just as I have throughout this book, I have concentrated on the brands that I know give the excellent results and are most reliable. "Top Shelf" is a Still Spirits brand

Still Spirits "Classic" brand spirit flavours

This is the premium range within the Still Spirits family of flavouring products. The flavour profiles and authenticity of the Classic flavours is absoluely top quality. Each pack is sufficient to make 2.25 litres (2 x 40 oz bottles) of excellent spirits. Classic packs may contain 1 or 2 sachets but the total is always sufficient for 2.25 litres of spirit.

Still Spirits "Top Shelf" brand spirit flavours

This is Still Spirits’ next range of spirit essences. These are certainly really good quality authentic flavours but they are priced to make them more affordable. Each 50 ml bottle will flavour 2.25 litres (2 x 40 oz bottles) of spirit.

Still Spirits "Original" brand spirit flavours

This range is Still Spirits' budget range. The flavours are still good and are probably best used for "mixed" drinks. Each 50ml bottle will flavour 5 litres of filtered alcohol so your money goes a long way with "Original" spirits.