For those who want complete simplicity

The Complete Air Still system is a fully integrated purpose designed package. It includes all the equipment you need to:

  • ferment your alcohol in 9 or 25 litre batches
  • distil your spirit with a compact, stainless steel, air cooled, electric Air Still
  • clean the spirit with an integrated carbon filter
  • measure & adjust  the alcohol strength of your spirit.

No other equipment is required.

  • IN ADDITION . . .    the system also includes ingredients to make 2x 9 litre batches of wash or 1x 25litre batch of wash (depending on which version of the system you get).

You can buy Complete Air Still Systems with either 10 litre & 25 litre fermenters.

  • The 10 litre fermenter produces about 8 litres of wash which goes through the Air Still in two 4 litre batches to produce a total of 2 litres of alcohol at normal drinking strength.
  • The 25 litre fermenter produces about 24 litres of wash which goes through the Air Still in six 4 litre batches to produce a total of 6 litres of alcohol at normal drinking strength.

There are a couple of aspects regarding air stills that you should understand clearly when you are making your purchase decisions.

Unlike other air stills on the market, the Still Spirits Air Still has design features to optimise its suitability for alcohol. Many other air stills are unmodified water stills that do not work as well for alcohol.

The Still Spirits Air Still is constructed in stainless steel. It is air cooled & does not require any water when it is operating.

The other aspect relates to the fact that all air stills are simple "pot" type stills. This means that they are wonderfully simple & easy to use but it also means that if there are a lot of impurities in the alcohol wash that you put in your still, some of those impurities will come through with the alcohol & contaminate it.

Consequently, it is important to choose ingredients that will ferment as little impurities as possible & that’s the secret to this system . . .   THE YEAST

The Still Spirits Air Still Ingredient Packs & Air Still Production Packs both contain a very special yeast called "Triple Distilled" that is unique to Still Spirits. When you ferment with this yeast, the resulting alcohol wash is of outstanding quality that is almost completely free of contaminants. This means your end product drinks are incredibly high quality.

Still Spirits is the only manufacturer that does this for you.

NOTE: It is important for you to know that the Triple Distilled yeast does need to ferment within a temperature range of 18°C - 24°C. This is not a problem in most homes except during very hot weather. Fermenter heaters are available for use during cold weather.