Making Spirits


The following information will help explain the process & help you decide the best method for you.

The spirit making process starts by first making alcohol in a fermenter. It is then purified it through a distilling device* & finally, high quality flavouring essence is added to make the spirit or liqueur you require. The range of essences that you can choose from is amazing, There is a wide range of whiskies, bourbons, other still spirits & all the popular liqueurs.

*NOTE: Although anyone can own a still, its use is not legal in all countries. See below for more information.

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Systems for home use

Essentially there are two systems available and it is important for you understand the differences so you can make an informed decision about which approach you take.

  1. For complete simplicity, a Complete Air Stills System is a great option. This is an easy to use system, perfect for making smaller quantities.
  2. The serious hobbyist's solution uses a Spirit Beginner Kit together with a Super-Reflux Still.

Both options are described below in detail.

For those whe want complete simplicity

The Air Still system is a compact, easy to use, non-technical system that is ideal for beginners & users who want a reliable system to make alcohol regularly. It can be used in any kitchen & does not cost too much.

Click here to view a great Air Still video.

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For the serious hobbyist

If you see yourself as a hobbyist who wants to take a more interactive hands-on approach to producing high quality drinks, this is the system for you. It is suitable for producing alcohol in the larger 25 litre batch size using more sophisticated distilling equipment.

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Here is a summary of the costs for both systems and the ingredients used in them.

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What does all this mean in the end

In the end, there are two things that really matter

  • quality
  • quality


We know that Still Spirits brand products are excellent quality. We are so convinced of this that we offer you an unconditional guarantee on everything in the range. If you are dissatisfied with anything, we will replace, repair or refund as necessary to put it right.


The cost per bottle of finished spirit is the other important factor. In real terms, here's what 750ml bottles of spirits & liqueurs will cost you.

  • Top Shelf Classic spirits (the best you can get) $10.85 per bottle
  • Top Shelf spirits $9.20 per bottle
  • Top Shelf liqueurs $12.00 per bottle

Processes explained in more detail

Fermentation Techniques:

Step by step walk through of Fermentation Techniques, including Sterilisation and things to watch out for.

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How a still works

Read about basic still components, how they work and types of stills.

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Purifying Your Liquor:

Read about how carbon is used to make your spirit taste better.

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Making your finished drinks

This part is really easy. Just mix & enjoy. Absolutely no maturing time required.

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