How To Choose The Right Still For You

Here's a brief overview of the different types of stills: Possibly the best home distillation system in the world is the STILL SPIRITS Turbo 500, this is known as a reflux still with a condenser that sits on a 25 L boiler with power output of 2200 watt


The same boiler can be used with the Still spirits copper dome alembic pot condenser.

The key difference between the reflux condenser and pot condenser is the output of spirits you will achieve through the distillation process. These 2 stills are great for people who want larger volumes of spirit.

The pot will still create incredibly rich, full flavoured spirits.

This allows you to retain all the desirable flavours from a wash, for example, making gin from botanicals, distilling rum from a molasses wash or distilling whisky from a malt wash & brandy from fermented grapes or wine.

The Turbo 500 reflux still is the ultimate in small batch distilling. It's super efficient and will extract up to 95% of alcohol from the wash at tan average ABV of 92%. It's not possible to get bettert than this. This process is designed to create the ultimate polished spirit - in small batch format . Once achieved this is your blank canvas to create any spirit you desire. 

What happens in The reflux action is that alcohol has a low boiling point at approx 75 degress , once the wash is heated in the boiler and alcohol vapour begins steaming off alcohol refulxes up and down the column it rises and falls as it gets futher away from the heat source , and then rises again . The heavier particles drop out and back into the boiler  and the lighter alcohols get drawn off. This is a very pure result.

The saddles in the column assist in the distillation process as the alcohol vapour refluxes up and down the column to extract distillate at approx. 92% ABV (Alcohol by volume). 


The airstill mini distillery uses a different method -they are fan cooled and not water cooled ( so they dont require water during distillation) . The air still can be used to make both neutral and flavoured spirits .They are pot stills , so as alcohol vapour is boiled off it rises into the head unit and the fan within the unit cools and condenses the vapour into 70% ABV . The great advantage of any AIR STILL is that they are so easy to use and a small unit with great output , Another advantage is that they can also be used to extract flavour from your wash, most commonly using botanicals to make GIN . 

AIR STILL PRO - the latest addition to AIR STILL TECHNOLOGY

The airstill Pro is the worlds first airstill that is both a pot and reflux still in one. Its a dual mode system  allowing you to switch from pot mode to reflux mode easily. In reflux mode it can produce neutral spirit up to an astounding 90% ABV. Perfect for those short on space and short on time . Can be used on bench tops , on a boat , in a carovan .