A distinctive sweet and creamy taste, with subtle notes of chocolate and coffee. Combine this with a base and neutral spirit or vodka to create a premium top shelf taste experience.

Each bottle contains 330 ml and flavours up to 1 L.

Manufactured in the UK.

To Make this Liqueur you will also need to add a Shamrock Cream Liqueur Base.

Mixing Instructions

Sugar separation occurs naturally, shake well before use. Stand bottle in warm water if needed. Pre-mix 70 ml (2.4 US fl oz) of warm water with 250 ml (8.4 US fl oz) of 40% ABV neutral spirit or vodka. Add the mixture into the Still Spirits Cream Liqueur Base 215 g (7.5 oz) while whisking thoroughly. Add this flavouring and top up to 1 L (33.8 US fl oz) with 40% ABV neutral spirit or vodka.


Barcode # 9421037100623
Brand Still Spirits Icon Liqueur
Shipping Weight 0.9000kg
Shipping Width 5cm
Shipping Height 15cm
Shipping Length 5cm
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