As old as the ages, beer is the elixir that binds communities, especially after a hard day's work, or in the middle of summer. With our brew kits, you can have an endless supply of your favourite ale, pilsner or stout on hand.

Cool Your Fermenter & Beat the Heat - Make Better Beer

Have you been struggling to keep your beer fermentation cool in the summer heat? We have some great hacks to share to keep your fermenter cool during these hot months.

How To Use A Hydrometer

As homebrewers we use the hydrometer to measure the specific gravity of the beer before and after fermentation. Learn everything there is to know about hydrometers and gravity readings.

The Importance of Brewing Temperature

Fermentation is a delicate brewing process that requires a balance of time and temperature to consistently make quality beer every time.

The Origins of Stout Beer Styles

Stout has seen a recent resurgence in popularity in Australia, both in home brewer circles and commercially with Coopers stout sales volumes reaching the highs of the 1950’s[1]. The origins of this 300-year-old beer style are testament to its resilience.

Is It Easier to Make Ales or Lagers ?

Many beer drinkers categorise ales and lagers based upon how their beer looks and tastes, but brewers know it’s not that simple. Find out more about these 2 styles here...

How To Make Hazy Homebrew

This beer haze can be created by using various brewing techniques. The goal of a hazy IPA brewer is to capture fruity aromas, reduce bitterness (found in a standard IPA) and create a creamy mouthfeel ! Delicious !

How to turn regular beer kits into absolutely fantastic premium beers

Might sound hard , but trust us , it isn't . Click through for more information on how to make absolutely superb premium home brew beer.

XPA Extra Pale Ale

XPA is a style that sits somewhere between American Pale Ale – standard strength, hop forward but sufficiently malty to remain balanced and easy to drink – & US West Coast IPA – boldly bitter, aggressively hoppy & higher in alcohol. More info here !

How To Brew Beer At Home

It may come as a surprise to you that every single beer in the world no matter whether it's a wheat beer, pale ale, IPA, dark ale, stout, porter or lager, have the same four basic ingredients. Click through here for more on this story !

Hard Ginger Beer (Alcoholic)

This recipe makes a semi-sweet alcoholic ginger beer of about 4.5% strength- click through for more details to get you started .