As old as the ages, beer is the elixir that binds communities, especially after a hard day's work, or in the middle of summer. With our brew kits, you can have an endless supply of your favourite ale, pilsner or stout on hand!

How to get Started in Home Brewing Beer

Beer brewing is super easy & you will discover that the beer you make is incredibly good to drink and share . Here is more information about the equipment and the process ! As always if you are unsure , just pick up the phone and call us .

Beer Temperature Serving Guide for Craft Beers

Serving temperature is a critical factor in determining the flavour of the beer. For most craft beers slightly warmer serving temperatures make flavours more perceptible to the taste buds so more of the malt characteristics and sweetness is enjoyed.

Ginger beer

Ginger beer recipes are perfect for you to apply your own finishing touches so you can genuinely say "that's my recipe". It is easy to modify a recipe & almost impossible to muck it up - Click through for more advice on how to make the perfect drop !

How to turn regular beer kits into absolutely fantastic premium beers

Might sound hard , but trust us , it isn't . Click through for more information on how to make absolutely superb premium home brew beer.

Hard Ginger Beer (Alcoholic)

This recipe makes a semi-sweet alcoholic ginger beer of about 4.5% strength- click through for more details to get you started .

Brewcraft Brew Blends

Click through for a complete description of our Brewcraft BrewBlends used in many of our Recipe boxes .

Step by Step Beer Making Instructions

Click through for step by step beer making instructions, As always we are happy to help with any questions that arise so feel free to call anytime !

XPA Extra Pale Ale

XPA is a style that sits somewhere between American Pale Ale – standard strength, hop forward but sufficiently malty to remain balanced and easy to drink – & US West Coast IPA – boldly bitter, aggressively hoppy & higher in alcohol. More info here !

How To Brew Beer At Home

It may come as a surprise to you that every single beer in the world no matter whether it's a wheat beer, pale ale, IPA, dark ale, stout, porter or lager, have the same four basic ingredients. Click through here for more on this story !