How to turn regular beer kits into absolutely fantastic premium beers

Might sound hard , but trust us , it isn't . Click through for more information on how to make absolutely superb premium home brew beer.

Famous Beer Lookalikes

If you like any of the great beers mentioned in the Famous Beer Recipes List you should try the recipe linked to that name. 
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These recipes are not copies . . . we are sure you will notice differences between the beer you make and the original. They are simply similar styles of beer which we believe you will like very much if you are keen on the original.


How do I make these Famous Beer Styles?

Refer to the Famous Beer Recipes List and make your beer in the usual way, using the mentioned ingredients and note any additional instructions.

In fact, we often find that brewers prefer these recipes.
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NOTE: The Famous Beer Recipes List refers to BREWBLENDS and KIT CONVERTERS by number, and to various hops and yeasts. See the individual Famous Beer Recipe Notes and the notes below for clarification.




The code numbers #10 through to #30 refer to BREWCRAFT brand BREWBLENDS.

These are mixtures of brewing sugars that will greatly improve basic beer kits.

The malt we use is premium quality brewing malt that gives much better results than confectionary malt as used by others.



The code numbers #40 through to #74 refer to BREWCRAFT brand KIT CONVERTERS.

These are special mixtures of additional ingredients including hops & premium brewing malt that change basic beer kits into special styles of beer.



Where the recipe specifies additional hops, mix them with a litre of water & cook as directed.

You can then add this directly to your brew or strain it & use the liquid only as you prefer.

Straining cuts down the sediment & reduces the effect of the hops slightly. Panty hose material is good for straining.



In some recipes, MUNTONS or SAF yeasts are specified. These yeasts will give you a considerable improvement in the flavour of your beer & you will find the yeast settles very firmly in the bottom of the bottle.

Save the yeast you get with your kits. You can use them to double the yeast dose next time you make a beer with the same yeast. This will improve that beer too.


Kit yeasts will ferment between 18° & 30°C. You will get best flavour between 18° & 22°C.

Muntons Gold (Mun Gold) & SAF yeasts ferment between 10° & 30°C.

However, for best flavour, keep Saflager between 10° & 18°C. & Mun Gold & Safale between 16° & 23°C.