Universal Carbon is a superior premium fine mesh activated coconut based activated carbon used for removing distillation by-products.

This Activated Filter Carbon is a small granule carbon is of the finest quality and is highly recommended for spirit filtration and for use with the Still Spirits Filter Pro. * See the technical data below.

It is fast, clean, and easy to use. It is specifically designed for the maximum purification of alcohol or water.

Other uses for this Carbon

  • Water Filters
  • Fish Tank Aquarium Filters
  • Filter cartridges

Technical Data 

  • Particle Size 12x40 mesh
  • Coconut based granule carbon
  • Approval & Certification ISO 9001
  • high absorption capacity with high rate of removal
  • high hardness to reduce fine carbon dust
  • high density therefore high absorption capacity
  • acid wash for extremely low ash
  • Ph neutral
Barcode # 9329875101201
Shipping Weight 1.5000kg
Shipping Width 30cm
Shipping Height 5cm
Shipping Length 20cm
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