STILL SPIRITS AIR STILL SYSTEM 25L & Ingredients ..For details on the Ultimate Spirit Package read below.

This system will make 25L fermentation batches per go which transales into 5-6 litres at 40% once the distillation process is complete.. Once you are set up with all your gear it will cost you around $10-$12 per bottle of finished spirits you will love to drink.

The Still Spirits Turbo Air Still is a fan cooled system so no cooling water is required so it is absolutely the simplest Still System to operate. This 25lt Kit allows you to ferment 25lt of wash per batch. Enough spirit base to run through the Air Still 5 to 6 times.


  • Still Spirits Air Still
  • 30lt Fermenter Complete with Airlock, Tap and Thermometer
  • Air Still Carbon Filter & Collector Set
  • Air Still 6kg Production Pack (containg 6Kg Turbo Sugar)(Turubo Pure yeast, Turbo Carbon, Turbo Clear)
  • Air Still Carbon Cartridges 10 Pack 
  • Hydrometer for measuring fermentation
  • Alcometer measuring alcohol % in distilate 
  • Brewclean 500ml & Brew Sanitiser 250ml  
  • Distilling Conditioner & Air Still Ceramamic Saddles
  • Mixing Spoon

 Spirit Essence

Plus a selection of essences to make 9lt Spirits

  • Still Spirits Top Shelf Whiskey
  • Still Spirits Top Shelf Aussie Gold Rum
  • Still Spirits Top Shelf  Bourbon
  • Still Spirits Top Shelf Dry Gin

(note if you prefer alternative essences or spirit styles please put a message at the checkout and we will give you your selection)

Why Choose the 25lt Kit?

The 25lt Kit comes with a large 30lt fermenter which enables you to ferment a 25lt wash each time (enough to run 5 to 6 batches through the Air Still).. The 25lt kit will make around 6 litres at 40% when the spirit making process is complete.

How does it work? (check out our video)

1. Ferment your batch using sugars and Turbo Spirit yeast (5-10 days)
2. Distil your fermented wash to create distilled spirit (2 hours)
3. Dilute the spirit to 40% and then purify it through a carbon filter. (6 hours)
4. Combine with a spirit essence and age for 72 hours before enjoying

How much does it cost to make spirits with the Air Still?

Approximately $10-$12 per bottle of 700ml spirits

Plus you get our support for life backed by a 3 year Warranty

Frequently asked Questions

 Is making my own spirits easy?

The Still Spirits process involves the fermentation of alcohol from a mix of nutrients, sugar and yeast to create a distillate. The distillate is then filtered with activated carbon to remove unwanted flavours.  Pure clean alcohol is the result that in most cases is cleaner alcohol than that produced from more traditional sources.

It is an easy 4 step process.

Firstly the sugar and water is turned into alcohol by fermenting with yeast. Secondly, you separate the purified alcohol from the water in the wash by distilling. Distillation is done by heating the wash in a still, boiling off the alcohol and condensing the vapour back into a liquid. Thirdly water down the alcohol to 40% then, use a carbon filter to filter out most of the remaining trace impurities. You will now have a clean spirit with no flavours or tastes.

Finally, simply add your favourite spirit or liqueur essence to make your favorite, scotch, bourbon rum or liqueur. There are hundreds to choose from

How much does it cost to make spirits at home?

A fraction of what it costs to buy spirits such as scotch bourbon rum gin and liqueurs. It will vary a little depending on the ingredients you use or the type of spirit you make. Most spirits you make will cost between $10 and $14 per 700ml bottle. Making spirits at home can become a brilliant hobby and you will be able to amaze your family and friends with the quality of the drinks you have produced.

How long does it take to make each batch of spirits?

Depending on the type of yeast and nutrients and the process you follow, you can be drinking your own home made spirits within 7 days.





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