The Turbo Pure 6KG Production pack (previously known as Turbo Triple Distilled) is a complete pack of yeast, sugar, carbon and filter cartridge, that will help you produce the finest quality spirit. There is enough in this pack to ferment and filter a 25lt wash.

Choose this pack if you wish to make the best quality spirit possible.


  • Turbo Sugar 6kg
  • Turbo Pure Yeast
  •  Turbo Clear
  • Turbo Carbon
  • EZ Carbon Cartridge

It will take approximately 6-7 days to ferment at an average temp of 18 - 24 degrees to produce 15% alcohol in the wash. Expect to get 3.8 litres at 93% out of your t500. This is approximately 8.7 litres at 40% once it has been diluted and filtered.

Barcode # 9329875029703
Brand Still Spirits
Shipping Weight 12.0000kg
Shipping Width 15cm
Shipping Height 20cm
Shipping Length 30cm
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