The Spirit  Production Pack 6KG Classic is a complete pack of yeast, sugar, carbon and filter cartridge, that will help you produce the fine quality spirit. There is enough in this pack to ferment and filter a 25lt wash.

Choose this 6kg Classic Production Pack if you wish to make higher quality spirit and you are happy to make slightly less volume than using the 8kg pack

Please note: due to Turbo Sugar being unavailable this production pack contains Dextrose which is a major component of Turbo Sugar. It also an ideal sugar for producing the cleanest possible Turbo fermentation.


  • Dextrose 6kg with activated granular carbon (please note Turbo Sugar is temporarily out of stock so all productions contain Dextrose)  
  • Turbo Classic 6 Yeast
  • Turbo Clear
  • EZ Carbon Cartridge

It will take aproximately 5-7 days to ferment  to produce 14.3% alcohol in the wash. Expect to get 3.7 litres at 93% out of your t500. This is approximately 8.5 litres at 40% once it has been diluted and filtered.

Barcode # 9329875029734
Brand Still Spirits
Shipping Weight 8.9000kg
Shipping Width 15cm
Shipping Height 20cm
Shipping Length 30cm
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