Specifically designed to be used with an Air Still. There are sufficient consumables in this pack to make a single 25lt batch in your fermenter. You will need a 30lt fermenter to use this pack.

Turbo Production Packs contain all the yeast, sugar, clearing agent and carbon required to ferment & filter a batch of spirits. This 6kg pack will ferment a 25lt wash which is enough to run about 5-6 batches through an Air Still.

Contents :

  • Still Spirits Turbo Pure Yeast
  • Turbo Sugar 6kg
  • Turbo Carbon
  • Turbo Clear
  • Air Still Carbon Cartridges x 6 
Barcode # 9329875039580
Brand Still Spirits
Shipping Weight 12.0000kg
Shipping Width 15cm
Shipping Height 20cm
Shipping Length 30cm
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