This beer is a hit even among those who aren't typically fans of craft beer. It's light in colour with a refined, understated flavour profile. Magnum hops have been added during the boiling process to introduce a subtle spicy flavour complemented by hints of citrus. This fresh wort kit is perfectly versatile with your choice of yeast and potential hop additions.

Kit Contents: 15Lt of Fresh Lager Wort to make 20lt of fermented beer. Please note this kit does not contain brewing yeast or extra hop additions for dry hopping. We have left that up to you to choose. Read below for our recommendations.

Two Different yeast options for 2 Different Brewing temperatures

Optimal fermentation temperature plays an important role for unlocking the utmost quality in this premium lager recipe. When brewing this kit you can choose a specific yeast strain to suit your brewing temperature and taste. 

More about Mangrove Jack's M54 California Lager Yeast

This yeast strain is a hybrid that allows brewers to achieve the clean, crisp characteristics of traditional lagers without the need for the cooler temperatures typically required for lager yeast fermentation. By brewing at temperatures usually associated with ales, this yeast offers a versatile solution for brewing without the need for cool temperature control. The M54 yeast is ideal for producing beers with a smooth lager finish, even in warmer conditions.

More about Mangrove Jack's M76 Bavarian Lager Yeast

Designed for a wide variety of lager styles and produces beers with a full, rounded malt character and well-promoted hop flavours.  This yeast particularly valued for its ability to produce less sulphur during fermentation compared to other lager strains, which can result in a cleaner taste and aroma in the final beer.

The M76 yeast has a medium flocculation and high attenuation, leading to greater clarity and a cleaner finish in the beers it produces.

Suitable for brewing European styles such as Lagers Pilsners, Helles, Munich Dunkel and Marzenbier among others.

Dry Hopping

Dry hopping enhances aroma, flavour and aroma, and adds complexity without increasing beer's bitterness. Simply adding 25g of loose hops to your fermenter on day 4 of fermentation. The choice of hops is yours. 

For a Bavarian style lager choose hops such as Hersbrucker, Hallertau or Tettnang. For Pilsner choose Saaz. For Californian lager style choose Loral or Cascade

If you love a great Aussie Pub style beer choose Pride of Ringwood.

Brewing Instructions

  • Pour 15lt of fresh wort from the bladder into a clean and sanitised fermenter.
  • Add 5 litres of water to bring volume to 20 litres.
  • Stir to aerate and pitch the yeast when the starting temperature is at 25°C or below.
  • Optional dry hopping - Add chosen dry hops on day 4 of fermentation
  • Ferment until complete iwthin the recommended temperature range


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