Kit Contents: 15Lt of Fresh Lager Wort to make 20lt of fermented beer. Please note this kit does not contain brewing yeast or extra hop additions for dry hopping. NEIPA is a beer style best suited to dry hopping. We have left that up to you to choose. Read below for our recommendations.

Hazy, light golden in colour with bold tropical fruit aroma and flavours. A smooth and creamy mouth feel with low to moderate bitterness. Generously hopped with both Citra and Ekuanot. We suggest an additional dry hop to enhance flavours of mango, citrus, and tropical notes.

It is important to use a yeast that will assist the hazy characteristic. If tropical tastes and haze appeal to you, this beer is sure to please.

This fresh wort kit is perfectly versatile with your choice of yeast and hop additions.

Yeast Recommendations

Dry Hopping

Dry hopping will boosts the aromatic tropical fruity flavours without adding bitterness.

Recommended Dry Hops 

Dry hop both Ella and Galaxy on day 5 of fermentation

  • Ella 25g : distinct citrus aroma and great bittering qualities
  • Galaxy 25g : peach and passion fruit flavours and aromas

Brewing Instructions

  • Pour 15lt of fresh wort into a clean and sanitised fermenter.
  • Add 5 litres of water to bring volume to 20 litres.
  • Stir to aerate and pitch the yeast when the starting temperature is at 25°C or below.
  • Essential dry hopping - Add 50g of chosen dry hops on day 5 of fermentation
  • Ferment until complete iwthin the recommended temperature range
Brand Australian Home Brewing
Shipping Weight 19.9000kg
Shipping Width 30cm
Shipping Height 60cm
Shipping Length 35cm