Black Rock American Crafted Pale Ale 1.7kg : Typical American Pale Ale with the big flavoursome American craft beers. This kit is unique as it has two hop editions, the first on the boil and the second as a late hopped added right at the end of processing to give a big kick along in the flavour and aroma department. Malts used include a range of high quality specialty brewing malts - Lager, caramel and Ale malts. Cascade hops added late in the process gives this beer the signature fruity citrus character so desired in great Pale Ales. Malts – Ale, Lager, Caramalt. Hops – Green Bullet, Pacific Gem, Cascade

Barcode # 9414774145705
Brand Black Rock
Shipping Weight 2.9000kg
Shipping Width 10cm
Shipping Height 10cm
Shipping Length 20cm
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