THE ULTIMATE COPPER TWIN STILL SYSTEM WITH FILTER PRO:  A Copper Turbo 500, Copper Alembic Pot Still & Stainless Steel-Filter Pro

Please note this package does not include The Still Spirits Boiler > boilers are items that can be purchased separately. 

Contents Summary

  1. Still Spirits Copper Turbo 500 Still System....complete with all equipment & ingredients(see full details below)
  2. Still Spirits Alembic Copper Dome & Condenser
  3. Still Spirits Filter Pro System / Carbon Filter

Why does this pack have Two different systems? Both Alembic Pot Condenser & Copper Turbo 500 Reflux Condenser

The Alembic Copper Dome Condenser is a Pot Still.  The Turbo 500 Condenser is a Reflux Still and both units are interchangeable with the Still Spirits 25L Boiler. ( Please note the boiler is not included in this kit) . This provides you with the option for two different styles of production. The Alembic Dome and Condenser allows you to distil your fermented ingredients to extract flavour and character during distillation. The Turbo 500 Copper Condenser will provide the ultimate pure neutral spirit.

Distilling Using the Alembic Still vs the Turbo 500? Two Methods
There are two ways to distil your wash. The Turbo 500 Still is a reflux condenser designed to distil pure clean nuetralspirit with no taste or flavours. Then it is filtered for purity and essences are added to make spirits of choice.

The second method is to use the Alembic Still to distil alcohol that contains flavours. The Still is designed specifically to collect and retain the character and flavour of the original alcohol. Note if you wish to make gin with the Alembic Dome you will require a botanical basket which you will fill with botanicals and then attach to the underside of the alembic copper dome. The Basket can be added separately click here. 

What can be distilled in an Alembic Pot Still? 
Use botanicals to make gin, wine to make brandy or create malt recipes to make whiskey and bourbon and fermented molasses for rum. 

The Alembic Dome provides a very large copper surface area that retains and really enhances flavours and removes unwanted flavours such as sulphurs. The result is a spirit of great richness and character.

5 Reason to choose this Turbo 500 System

  1. The very best small-batch system available & the world's best-seller.
  2. The very best support from both Australian Home Brewing and Still Spirits
  3. Comes with all the gear, consumables and ingredients - (note this kit does not include the Still Spirits Turbo 500 Boiler)
  4. Huge cost savings to make premium quality product
  5. This Kit comes complete with a full 3 Year Warranty

More about the Copper Turbo 500 Still

The Turbo 500 Copper Still System is the worlds most advanced fractionating column for home distillation. It is designed to produce commercial grade extremely high purity alcohol (93%+) and provide maximum alcohol yield (95%+). As it comes pre-packed full of copper and ready to use, it is extremely simple to operate and is a stunning looking handcrafted solid copper condenser. 

Full Contents List

  • Turbo 500 Copper Condenser
  • Copper Alembic Dome Pot Condenser
  • Still Spirits Filter Pro
  • 30Lt Fermenter with airlock, tap & thermometer
  • Hydrometer and Alcometer for measuring and testing
  • Measuring Test Flask
  • 5lt Polypropylene Measuring jug
  • Mixing Spoon, plus cleaner and sanitiser

Plus Bonus Ingredients for your first batch

  • A 6kg Turbo Production Pack which includes all the consumables for a full batch. Turbo Classic Yeast, Turbo Carbon, Turbo Clear, and 6kg of Turbo Sugar.

note: you will ferment a 25Lt wash on your first batch. This will ultimately make approx 3.5% litres of distillate at 92% . Once diluted and filtered you will make approximately 8 litres of polished base spirit at 40% per batch.

Plus, a selection of essences to make 9lt of very fine spirits

  • Top Shelf Scotch Whiskey
  • Top Shelf Aussie Gold Rum
  • Top Shelf Vodka
  • Top Shelf Southern Bourbon

Please note if you prefer an alternative selection, please leave us a message at the check-out and we will sort it.  

Once you are set up you are looking at $8 to $12 cost per bottle of the very best spirits

PLUS... you are guaranteed our 100% support and friendly advice forever. We will ensure you and your mates will love your new hobby.

CONTENTS CONTINUED - What’s in the Alembic Copper Pot Still Package ?

The Still Spirits Alembic Pot Still & Copper Dome system includes

  1. The Pot Still Copper Alembic Dome 
  2. Copper Pot Condenser
  3. Digital thermometer to attach to the Condenser
  4. Tubing and fittings to attach to cooling tap water

This Alembic Condenser & Dome retains the flavour rather than stripping it out by refluxing.

The large copper surface area of this dome top acts as a catalyst with the vapour in the still and helps enhance and concentrate the flavours and aromas as well as remove unwanted sulphur compounds. This produces a smoother, richer, sweeter tasting spirit.


The Filter Pro is a gravity-fed, carbon filter that can use to filter 8 litres of spirit at a time via the large stainless-steel hopper, through 500 g loose carbon packed into the long stainless steel filter column.


  • Made from 304 grade stainless steel.
  • Filters 8 L of spirit at a time.
  • Fits up to 500 g of loose Still Spirits Activated Finishing Carbon to remove unwanted flavours from distilled spirit.
  • Additional filter papers included to prevent dust and carbon particles.
  • Long stainless-steel shaft ensures maximum contact time with the carbon.
  • Filter where you want with the removable door & wall mount.
  • Easy to connect tri-clamps & adjustable flow-control.
  • Easy to control filtering speed, ideally 1lt per hour

To find more on the Filter Pro please click here

The Filter Pro is a gravity-fed, carbon filter that can use to filter 8 litres of spirit at a time via the large stainless-steel hopper, through 500g of loose carbon packed into the long stainless steel filter column.


Is it legal to use a still in Australia & New Zealand?


According to the Excise Act, selling a still or possessing a still larger than 5L—or smaller but used for distilling alcohol—without the appropriate permissions and licenses from the ATO is not allowed. We're here to offer still parts for sale, and your purchase from us includes only these parts, not a complete still.

in Australia you can use a still of up to 5lt capacity without a distillers licence for either water purification or essential oil extraction. In New Zealand, Switzerland and Italy it is legal to own a still and use it to extract alcohol.

Please note: You must have a license to produce alcohol using a still in Australia. It is not legal to separate water and alcohol via distillation in a still without a permit.


In New Zealand it is legal to use up to a 25L still at home to produce spirit for home consumption.

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Brand Still Spirits
Shipping Weight 58.0000kg
Shipping Width 35cm
Shipping Height 50cm
Shipping Length 70cm