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Welcome to Australian Home Brewing

Formerly known as Liquorcraft, we have long been the industry enthusiasts and go-to for home brew beer and liquor making supplies. We’ve been supplying Melbourne (and Australia) with top-notch products for well over 50 years now, with our suite of products now being one of the most sought after in the industry.

As Australia’s oldest and most renowned supplier of home brewing kits and equipment, it’s only natural that you can find the most comprehensive collection of products right here at our online store. Anything from beer making equipment to cider kits, all grain brewing to top shelf spirits and much, much more.  



22 July 2021

Stout has seen a recent resurgence in popularity in Australia, both in home brewer circles and commercially with Coopers stout sales volumes reaching the highs of the 1950’s[1]. The origins of this 300-year-old beer style are testament to its resilience.

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As old as the ages, beer is the elixir that binds communities, especially after a hard day's work, or in the middle of summer. With our brew kits, you can have an endless supply of your favourite ale, pilsner or stout on hand!

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