Please note: The 25kg size is a pickup item only, from our AHB Warehouse at 24 Eskay Road, Oakleigh South.This size cannot be shipped due to courier restrictions on weight.

Ideal for: Weissbier, Witbier, Lambic, Berliner, Weisse and Gose

Premium White Wheat is malted in the same way as barley and is used as a base malt in the production of classic wheat beers. At lower percentages of the grist, wheat malt can also be added to any number of beer styles to enhance foam stability and mouthfeel

High protein levels in wheat malt can produce a fullness of body and excellent head retention and a hazy colour.

Wheat malt is very different to barley malt, having a low colour, no husk and a higher protein. The advantage of the higher protein is that it creates a fuller bodied beer with good foam stability.

EBC 3.5-5

Brand Joe White