You will require a package of equipment and ingredients to get started making delicious quality cider… The good news that this kit also provides all the gear you need to make beer as well. You just use a different set of ingredients but the process is the same.

This kit features a commercial grade Apple Cider, Mangrove Jacks Craft Series Apple Cider pack “to make 23 Litres.. plus a Super Auto Bench capper to make bottling a very and efficient task.

Why Choose an AHB Starter Kits…?

We have been brewing for over 50 years and we know the what is required to begin brewing. Every kit will help you make great cider or beer so chose one that suits your budget and your needs

.This Starter Kit with Bench Capper is the most popular Cider Starter Kit has all the gear to make the task of bottling very easy.

The Kit Contents Explained

  • Mangrove Jacks Craft Series Apple Cider 2.4kg plus Dextrose 1kg
  • Fermenter Complete: 30 litre screw top fermenting barrel with tap, airlock and thermometer
  • Leaver action Bench Capper made in Italy. The very best bottle capper available
  • Hydrometer & Test Flask: to test your brew to ensure fermentation is complete before bottling
  • Brew Sanitiser & Cleaner: It is essential all gear is cleaned and sanitise to protect against infection.
  • Bottle Brush: you may need to scrub old bottles especially pre-loved ones.
  • Mixing Spoon 39cm: to help mix and dissolve the brewing malts before adding yeast.
  • Bottling Valve: Fits to the fermenting tap to make bottle filling quick and easy
  • Carbonation Drops: Each carbonation sugar drop contains a measured dose of brewing sugar to create secondary bottle carbonation.
  • 100 Crown Seals Bottle Caps
  • Instructions: Simple comprehensive and easy to follow
  • Plus the Ingredients mentioned above…each batch makes up to 23 litres as mentioned above
Barcode # 4444378163352
Brand Australian Home Brewing
Shipping Weight 16.1000kg
Shipping Width 30cm
Shipping Height 30cm
Shipping Length 55cm
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