Capture attention and evoke feelings of sophistication and craftsmanship with your Whiskey presented in an elegant bottle. Generate anticipation and heighten the expectations of the whiskey-drinking experience.

It's important to note that while a beautiful bottle can enhance the overall experience, the quality and taste of the whiskey itself remain the primary factor in determining its enjoyment. With Reserve Quarter Cask Whiskey you will be primed for an enhanced sensory experience.



 Quarter Cask Reserve Whiskey Kit     For those that prefer a Laphroaig or Bell's Scotch Whiskey
6 x Craft Whiskey Bottle with cork lid & wooden topper               Volume 700ml  



During the early days of whiskey production in Scotland, whiskey that was matured in small quarter-sized casks proved to be the ideal solution for transportation and storage. The smaller casks also provided a greater surface area to volume ratio, which in turn accelerated the aging process and intensified the flavour of the whiskey.

Quarter Cask Reserve is matured in American bourbon barrel oak to produce a deep, moody and complex scotch whiskey with flavours of smoky peat and a subtle sweet malt spicy palate.

Due to the 6-to-8-week maturation time, there is more contact time with the charred oak that lends to lingering pronounced hints of vanilla,cinnamon and clove.

This whiskey should be enjoyed alone over ice or with just a splash of water to fully pay tribute to the unique flavour.


 Quarter Cask Reserve Whiskey       For those that prefer a Laphroaig or Bell's Scotch Whiskey
Batch Volume          3lt
Ingredients American Oak Barrel Staves & Essence
Ideal Soak Time 6 - 8 weeks



Evoke a sense of quality with these stylish cork top spirit bottles.


Australian Made      Clear Glass
Volume 700ml  
Weight 780gm
Height 23cm
Shipping Weight 9.5000kg
Shipping Width 15cm
Shipping Height 12cm
Shipping Length 23cm
Shipping Cubic 0.004140000m3