A sour beer is notoriously hard to brew but Muntons have changed the game with Muntons Sour Malt which is the perfect base for authentic sour beer.

Berliner Weisse is a refreshingly tart and cloudy German Wheat Beer. This recipe leverages the unique properties of Muntons Sour Malt to enhance its sour profile and depth of flavour.

The sour malt contribution elevates the beer's natural lactic acidity and wheaty backbone, creating a light, refreshing brew with nuanced layers of sourness.

Serve with a dash of raspberry syrup and savour a unique balance of sourness and sweetness, Perfect for those seeking a sophisticated, thirst-quenching experience, it's a modern take on a classic style.


Brewing Notes

  • Style : Sour refreshing wheat beer.beer
  • Fermentation range: brew cool  8 - 14°C
  • Colour : Light golden
  • Original & Gravity1.047 approx
  • Final Gravity 1.013 approx
  • ABV for an 21lt Batch : 4.5%
  • Volume 21Lt
  • Yeast addition: Bavarian Wheat yeast
  • Recipe Style: Malt Extract Beer Kit 

Ingredients List

  • Mangrove Jacks Bavian Wheat
  • Muntons Sour Malt
  • Mangrove Jacks M20 Bavarian Wheat yeast

About Muntons Sour Malt

Sour malt is designed used to brew sour and fruit beers, without the need for special bacteria or yeasts.



Barcode # 9329875350302
Brand Australian Home Brewing
Shipping Weight 5.5000kg
Shipping Width 26cm
Shipping Height 12cm
Shipping Length 23cm
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