A robust and full-bodied beer. Get ready fully savour this deep dark hoppy brew. Delight in in the darkness of this exceptional stout. Bound to captivate.

Made in the UK.


Batch Volume       23lt / 40 Pints       
Colour Rich Dark
Hop Profile Hoppy
Malt Volume 1.8kg


Solids     80 - 82%      
Colour EBC 220 - 290
Bitterness EBU  37 - 51


Using only the finest British malt extract.

The malting of Munton's high-quality barley is a time-honoured process. The grains are steeped in water and allowed to sprout over 5 days, before drying, allowing the natural sugars to be released and act as a food source for the beer yeast - delivering a delicious malty flavour.

Barcode # 714588010978
Shipping Weight 2.9000kg
Shipping Width 10cm
Shipping Height 10cm
Shipping Length 20cm