Please note: these Kombucha kits contain a live scoby and have been stored in cool conditions produce magnificent Kombucha from the first batch. From this point it will reproduce fresh scobies for you to expand and enjoy your Kombucha journey.

About this Kit

This Mad Millie Kombucha Kit comes complete with all the essential equipment and a fresh scoby culture and very easy to follow instructions.

The Mad Millie scoby is a brewing quality culture and contains all the good bacteria and yeast required to make delicious Kombucha. The scoby will make a starter culture which will be the basis of your continuous Kombucha brewing. This process is similar to making sour dough bread where the sour dough culture is constantly recultivated .

During the Kombucha fermenting process the mother scoby will produce a baby scoby. To maintain your Kombucha quality scoby cultures can be used up to 4 times before they need to be discarded. You can store the babies in the fridge so you will never run out of fresh quality scobies.

Scobies are fermented with your starter culture along with sugar and tea. People often ask will my Kombucha contain alcohol as it is fermented? Your Kombucha will contain less the 0.5% of alcohol …so low that it will not be noticed.

How long does it Take to make Kombucha?

It takes about 15 -20 minutes to do the preparations, clean and sterilise your gear make the tea mixture and dissolve the sugar. Once you add the scoby there is nothing more to do as it will ferment perfectly without any interference. You can start tasting your Kombucha on day 8 and it may take a couple of weeks for the best flavour profile to develop. You can ferment your Kombucha for up to 25 days if you prefer.

Once the Kombucha fermentation is complete you can choose to do a second ferment in a sealed bottle. By adding juice of fresh or frozen fruit such as blueberries, strawberries and or raspberries you will add the sugars back in to create a secondary fermentation. As your kombucha is now in a sealed bottle it continues to ferment and create pressure that ensures your Kombucha is carbonated and full of delicious flavours.

How much does this Kombucha Kit Make?

This kit comes with a 1lt jar and it will make a minimum of 1Lt batches. You can increase the batch size by adding the scoby into a larger brewing vessels or multiple vessels which will be easy to do once you cultivate your first few baby scobies.

Gluten Free - Dairy Free - Vegan - No Artificial Flavours - No Preservatives - Non-GMO.

Kit Contents

  • Glass Fermenting Jar 1Lt with
  • Metal Lid to use your Jar to store refrigerated scoby culture
  • Stick-on Thermometer Strip
  • Organic Kombucha SCOBY
  • Muslin Cloth 
  • Comprehensive instructions

To Brew Kombucha you will also need

  • 3 Tea Bags or the equvilaent quantity of leaf tea approx (use quality Tea for the best results)
  • ¼ cup of white sugar approximately 50g
  • Your Scoby Culture combines with 900ml of water.
  • A kitchen pot to hold 1Lt of water

What about bottles for the Second Ferment

For Secondary Fermentation we recommend you use our 500ml or 750ml Flip top glass bottles. Glass is clean and sterile and preferable to using plastic bottles. Click here to view the bottles

A small funnel will also be handy to pour the Kombucha into thew bottles. click here

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