American Bourbon
A smooth rich boubon with the strong aroma of peach wood barrel oak. A superior bourbon ideal for drinking straight over ice.
Tennessee Bourbon
A full flavoured sour mash whiskey with distinctive aromas and yet mellow and smooth. great over ice but traditionally drunk with coke and ice.
Bourbon A favourite for many discerning Bourbon drinkers. Variations can be made by adding sugar to taste.
A rich, fruity complex Bourbon reminiscent of famous American Bourbons. Sweeter than Top Shelf Bourbon


Would stand up well in the Southern States. Subtle variations can be made by adding a little sugar for sweetness and a little oak to mellow.

Try our New Boubon Chips:

These chips are taken from the actual barrels used for maturing the famous bourbons.
Jim’s Bourbon Chips are made from genuine Jim Beam barrels,
Jack’s Bourbon Chips from Jack Daniels barrels,
& Gobbler’s Bourbon Chips from Wild Turkey barrels.

They are simplicity itself to use. Simply add half the contents of the 50g pack to 2 litres of carbon filtered spirit at 40% stirring once a day for 10 days. Drain off the spirit through cotton wool in a funnel.

The Bourbon may be drunk straight away however, you can further enhance the flavour by adding 1 sachet of Still Spirits Classic American Bourbon. One sachet of American Bourbon would normally flavour only 1.125 litres of spirit, but in this case where the Bourbon chips have already added some flavour, the sachet is best used for 2 litres. For other taste variations see below.


Chips: Essence: Essence


Jim's Top Shelf Kentucky Bourbon Half a bottle 2 litres
Jim's Top Shelf Classic American Bourbon One sachet 2 litres
Gobbler's Top Shelf Classic American Bourbon One sachet 2 litres
Gobbler's Top Shelf Bourbon Half a bottle 2 litres
Jack's Top Shelf Classic Tennessee Bourbon One sachet 2 litres


Please note that the chips are a natural product and may vary from batch to batch. You should always taste test the product and adjust to taste if required.

To get an extra batch of spirit from the chips, add all the used chips to a further 2 litres of spirit and repeat the process, this time leaving for up to 3 – 4 weeks, this will make an extra 2 litres of bourbon.

The used chips can be used as smokers on a BBQ to smoke meat or in a fish smoker to add a unique flavour.

Here’s another fantastic recipe devised by our friend Mark


Here’s a fantastic recipe from one of our army of keen “spirit blenders”. It’s really interesting to do because you make 3 different bourbons, age them on oak then blend them together & then age it some more.

The end result is a superb smooth, perfectly oaked bourbon that drinks beautifully just as it is.


Chips: Essence: Essence


Half a Packet
Top Shelf Classic American Bourbon 2 sachets 2.35 litres
1 Heaped tablespoon
Top Shelf Classic Tennessee Bourbon 1 sachet 1.125 litres
American oak (raw)
2 heaped tablespoons
Top Shelf Kentucky Bourbon 15ml 1 litre


Make each of the 3 recipes above & allow each one to age with the oak for 3 weeks. Strain & blend them all together.

You can drink this wonderful blend straight away but if you age it for a further 4 weeks, the oak softens out absolutely beautifully