Liqueurs Blog

Top Shelf liqueurs have a great deal of authenticity. The flavours have been carefully matched to the commercial equivalents and sweetness, thickness, colour and alcohol strength are very close to the real thing. Each 50ml bottle will make a 1.125 litre (40oz) bottle of liqueur. All recipe ingredients and instructions are on the bottle label. I have divided the list into three groups, liqueurs, schnapps and cream liqueurs.

Top Shelf Amaretto For those who enjoy a sweet, rich almond flavour from Northern Italy.
Top Shelf Apricot Brandy Purple liqueur with a strong aniseed taste balanced by a delicate liquorice aftertaste.
Top Shelf Black Sambuca Similar to the rum based coffee flavoured liqueur from Jamaica.
Top Shelf Blue Curacao Bright blue liqueur with a strong citrus orange flavour.
Creme de Menthe Green liqueur with a clean refreshing peppermint flavour.
Top Shelf Cafelua Rich, fresh coffee flavour from Mexico. A must for coffee drinkers.
Top Shelf Candy Shots Sweet confectionery flavour.
Top Shelf Cherry Brandy Brandy flavoured with cherries.
Top Shelf Chocolate Mint Chocolate based with a clean refreshing mint aftertaste.
Top Shelf Coconut Rum Based on white rum and has a strong taste of fresh coconut.
Top Shelf Coffee Maria Similar to the rum based, coffee flavoured liqueur from Jamaica.
Top Shelf Crème de Cacao Sweet, dark brown liqueur with a rich cocoa and vanilla flavour.
Top Shelf Crème de Menthe Green liqueur with a clean refreshing peppermint flavour.
Top Shelf Dictine This is a brandy-based herbal liqueur with a clean refreshing flavour; a unique blend of herbs, spices, blossoms and peel.
Top Shelf Dry Vermouth Ideal for Dry Martinis made with wine or spirit.
Top Shelf Grande Paris Best sipped neat in a brandy balloon to capture the full aroma and bouquet of this exquisite elixir.
Top Shelf Hazelnut Boasts a pleasant hazelnut flavour.
Top Shelf Italiano A gold coloured sweet Italian liqueur with the flavours of vanilla, aniseed and liquorice.
Top Shelf Macadamia Nut This liqueur has a delicate macadamia nut flavour.
Top Shelf Mango The taste of the tropics. Enjoy over ice on a hot day.
Top Shelf Melon A light green liqueur with a delicate honeydew melon flavor
Top Shelf Orange Brandy Amber liqueur, of French origin, which delicately combines brandy and fresh oranges in one of the best-known styles of Triple Sec.
Top Shelf Parfait Amour A popular sweet, purple, fragrant liqueur with a hint of citrus fruits and butterscotch.
Top Shelf Red Sambuca An aniseed liqueur with a rich red colour.
Top Shelf Reverendine Known as an elixir often taken after a large meal to aid indigestion. Drink over ice in a brandy balloon
Top Shelf Rum Liqueur A rum based liqueur with chocolate, caramel and coffee notes.
Top Shelf Skyebuie A herbal liqueur based on whisky with notes of honey. Very popular in Scotland.
Top Shelf Scotch Heather This full strength aged scotch whisky is enhanced with the distinct taste of heather honey and balanced with herbs and spices. Often drunk on the rocks and is great with a beer chaser. Also popular in coffee as an after dinner drink.
Top Shelf Southern Smooth As the name suggests, this bourbon liqueur is very popular in the southern states of America. Has a sweet, fruity, aftertaste.
Top Shelf Swiss Chocolate Almond A sweet, nutty, chocolate liqueur with a smooth almond aftertaste.
Top Shelf Triple Sec Clear liqueur with a rich, strong and dry, citrus orange taste. Often used in cocktails.
Top Shelf White Sambuca Aniseed based liqueur that (depending on alcohol content) is clear to opaque.