Lemonade Soft Drink

This lemonade actually has a tiny bit of alcohol,
but it will only be 0.5% or less so it is a "soft" drink.

You will Need:


• A 25 or 30 litre fermenter *
• Enough bottles for 20 litres of lemonade
• Homebrew sterilizing compound *
• Beer or screw top softdrink bottles
(Available from Liquorcraft)

  • 300g glucose/dextrose *
• 1kg lactose *
• 12-24 lemons, sliced or chopped fine including peel
• up to 50g crushed or grated fresh ginger (optional)
• 5g yeast nutrient *
• 1 sachet SAFale yeast *
• Water to make up 22 litres of wort *
* (Available from Liquorcraft)
  • Heat 5 litres of water then add glucose, lemons & ginger & simmer for 20 minutes.

• Sterilize your fermenter according to directions on the sterilizing compound.

• Add about 12 litres of cold water into your fermenter. Pour the hot mixture through a straining bag (available at homebrew suppliers) into the fermenter.

• Top up with cold water to the 22 litre mark add the yeast nutrient & stir well.

• Make sure the temperature is 30C or less & add the yeast, fit a fermentation lock in the lid of the fermenter & half fill it with water.

• The fermentation should start within 24 hours although it usually ony takes a couple of hours to start. When it starts, bubbles should be rising through the lemonade & stream through the water in the airlock. It is ready to bottle as soon as it starts fermenting. If you delay the bottling, the lemonade will be flat.

• Stir the mixture & fill each bottle to about 50mm from the top then seal it firmly with a crown seal or screw cap.

• Store these bottles in a warm place for a week or 2 to allow them to condition (become fizzy). They will now be ready to drink.