Brewer's Calculators

Many brewers like to formulate their own beer recipes.
Ingredient Kit  kg
Glucose or Dextrose  kg
liqiud Malt Extract  kg
Dried Malt Extract  kg
Dried Corn Syrup  kg
Lactose  kg
Grain (crystal types)  kg
Total Volume in fermenter  kg
Original SG
Final SG
Alcohol  %

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The most common approach is to use regular beer kits & add combinations of malt, glucose, corn syrup & perhaps some crystal grains.

Others will make their own recipes using malt extract & hops instead of the beer kit as a base.

Apart from colour & flavour, there are 2 factors affecting beers made this way that most brewers are interested in.

One is the alcohol content & the other is referred to as “body”. This is mouth-feel or texture of the beer.


Stouts & heavy ales are nicer if they have plenty of body. A lot of quality European beers have a medium amount of body & beers that are popular in tropical countries are typically light bodied.

The specific gravity of a finished beer is a fairly good indication of the body of the beer. Beers with plenty of body have a high final specific gravity & beers with little body have a low final specific gravity. The table below can be used as a rough guide.

Body of beer:
Final SG range:
Some typical beer styles:
Light 1.000 to 1.008 Australian lagers, bitters & draughts
Light to medium 1.008 to 1.012 Australian Premium beers
Medium 1.012 to 1.018 European lagers & Pilsners
Lighter European & English ales
Full 1.018 to 1.025 Heavy ales, lighter stouts & porters
Very Full 1.025+ Heavy stouts

This calculator gives you an estimate the alcohol %age, the original and the final gravity of your beer. The dial at the top, and the readout text beside it is based on the above "body table". 

All you have to do is enter the weights of your recipe ingredients (in the white fields above) and click "submit".

Hint: Your "Tab" key will move to the next field for you (rather than reach for the mouse for each entry) and "Shift" + "Tab" will move backwards a field.

If you are wanting to make a beer of a specific strength or final SG, you can also alter the ingredient weights in the calculator to work out the combination that will produce the beer you want. Just alter the amount(s) and click on submit again.

Note that the figures are only a guide. Final gravity can vary with the use of different yeast strains. Also the use of enzymes in your beer will change your final gravity. DO NOT USE THESE FIGURES TO ESTABLISH END OF FERMENTATION… They are estimates only and may vary.