Brewcraft Kit Converters

Making special beers, easily
What about making special beer styles that don’t come in kits? For example, you might like to make a beer like a genuine German lager. All you have to do is add what we call a Kit Convereter to a regular beer kit and before you know it, you have made a really special beer.

We import special hops from Europe, England, America and New Zealand and we use a selection of malts and grains that are needed to get the particular flavours of these special beers. We have put them together in simple kits so that you can make the style you want with only 5 to 10 minutes extra work.

These special kits are called BREWCRAFT KIT CONVERTERS. They could not be easier to use. Simply mix the kit with water in a saucepan, bring it to the boil and add it to your regular beer kit in the fermenter

The classic Australian lager with a quality boost. A premium lager, creamy and smooth with excellent malt and hop character. Additional Australian aroma hops give this great beer that extra quality boost that is noticeable in several “Premium” Lager styles on the market these days. Add it to lager or Munich lager kits. 
RecipeHAHN PREMIUM Make a Beermakers Lager kit with a #40 Australian Lager Kit Converter

Better than the classic Aussie Bitter with improved head and a smooth texture. The extra bite of hops is accompanied by some fine hop aroma. Additional malt is used to balance these characteristics. Add to Pilsner, bitter or draught kits. 
Recipe: BOAGS STRONGARM BITTER Make a Black Rock Pilsner with A #42 Australian Bitter Kit Converter

Like a Fosters Special or a Toohey's Blue, but noticeably better. Again, we have used hops and malt to great effect but in this beer, malt levels are subtle and special attention has gone into enhancing the colour. Add to Pilsner, draught or bitter kits. 
Recipe: FOSTERS SPECIAL BITTER / TOOHEY’S BLUE Make a Beermakers Draught with a #44 Australian Special Bitter Kit Converter

Again, we use genuine hops, this time from New Zealand to make this terrific malty Steinlager style. These hops have excellent levels of bitterness as well as aroma and flavour and they really enhance this beer. Add to lager or Pilsner kits. 
RecipeSTEINLAGER Make a Black Rock lager with a #50 NZ Lager Kit Converter

A rich malty lager with the magnificent aroma of real German hops. When you drink this one, the taste in your mouth and the aroma in your nose combine to make a wonderful drinking experience. Add to lager or Munich lager kits. 
Recipe: DAB LAGER Make a Brewcraft Munich Lager with a #60 German Lager Kit Converter +500g Brewcraft light malt powder.

A classic malty Pilsner style. Genuine Bavarian hops provide unmistakable aroma. Pilsner is the style on which many Australian beers are modelled. There’s nothing quite as good as the original but this comes close. Add to Pilsner or lager kits. 
RecipeCLASSIC BAVARIAN PILSNER Make a Brewcraft Czech Pilsner with a #62 Czech Pilsner Kit Converter +500g Brewcraft light malt powder.

This is the famous Bock style, rich dark and smooth with superb flavours and aroma of German hops and chocolate coloured malted barley. This is one where the extra malty barley grain flavours really give the beer a whole new dimension. Add to lager or Munich lager kits 
Recipe: CLASSIC GERMAN BOCK Make a Muntons Premium Lager with a #64 Dark Lager Kit Converter +500g Brewcraft dark malt powder.

The typical colour of a good English bitter is a deep coppery amber. We’ve used special malted barley to give colour to this beer which also has a beautiful blend of English hops and malt. Add to draught, bitter or ale kits 
Recipe: BEST BITTER Make a Black Rock NZ Draught with a #70 English Bitter Kit Converter +500g Brewcraft light malt powder.

Additional malt and roasted barley give a rich flavour to this beer. It is a delightful light brown colour and has the subtle bite of a classic brown ale. Add to lager, draught or bitter kits. 
Recipe: CLASSIC ENGLISH BROWN ALE Make a Black Rock Colonial Lager with a #72 Brown Ale Kit Converter +500g Brewcraft dark malt powder.

Additional malt and grain flavours to add to any stout kit. Add this one to a stout kit, plus 500g of extra malt and 500g of corn syrup. Make the final volume up to 18 litres and it is perfect for lovers of good Irish stout. Add to any good stout kit. 
Recipe: CLASSIC IRISH STOUT Make a Brewcraft Irish Stout with a #74 Irish Stout Kit Converter +500g Muntons dark malt powder +500g corn syrup. Make this brew up to 18 litres only.

This kit brings all that wonderful malt flavour & hoppiness that is so characteristic to the best pale ales
Recipe: CLASSIC ENGLISH PALE ALE Make a Black Rock India Pale Ale with a #76 Pale Ale Kit Converter. Keep the final volume down to 20 litres.

It’s all really easy 
Just talk to the people in your store about the beers you specially like & they will be happy to help you with a combination of ingredients that will knock your socks off.