A complex, dual-purpose, medium-high alpha acid variety, Styrian Fox shows great characteristics across a wide range of applications. As a boil hop, it provides smooth bitterness & classic floral & spicy notes. In late additions & dry hopping, it showcases fruity blackcurrant & berry-like flavours & aromas, with hints of mint, pepper & tobacco.


Cultivation Area: Slovenia

Alpha Acids (%):  6-12% (Co-Humulone Composition 26-30%)


Flavour & Aroma Profile

  • Fruity, blackcurrant & strawberry
  • Floral, elderflower
  • Herbal, minty
  • Spicy, white pepper

Recommended Beer Styles

  • Pale Ales
  • IPA
  • Wheat Beers

Hop Substitutions

  • Vic Secret


  • Bred by the Slovenian Institute for Hop Research & Brewing in Žalec, from the local Styrian hybrid Aurora & a wild variant native to New Mexico.