Calypso is a complex, dual-purpose, high alpha acid variety. Known for its crisp, fruity character, it lends itself best to late boil & whirlpool additions, adding depth & sophistication with notes of refreshing lime, nectarine, apple & pear, as well as an earthy, tea-like element.


Cultivation Area: USA

Alpha Acids (%): 12-14% (Co-Humulone Composition 40-42%)


Flavour & Aroma Profile

  • Fresh lime
  • Stone-fruit
  • Apple & pear
  • Earthy, tea-like

Recommended Beer Styles

  • British Ales
  • American Porter & Stouts
  • Barley Wine

Hop Substitutions

  • None


  • Developed in Washington State’s Yakima Valley by the creative team at Hopsteiner, sixth generation hop growers at the forefront of innovation in the industry.