6 Pack Headmaster Conical 425ml Nucleated Beer Glasses.

Headmaster are world's best beer drinking glasses and used in bars and pubs everywhere.  Made using toughened glass, these pub glasses are strong and durable, the perfect beer glassware for everything from lager to ales to stout.

Nucleated Headmaster Glasses feature a slightly rough surface on the bottom of the glass which collects the bubbles until they become buoyant enough to be lifted to the top of the glass. This will help serve up the creamiest beer and retains the head until the last mouthful.

A great addition to the home bar.


  • Volume 425ml
  • Height: 145mm
  • Diameter: 80mm
  • Weight: 295gm each


Barcode # 4444378163931
Brand Headmaster
Shipping Weight 6.0000kg
Shipping Width 20cm
Shipping Height 20cm
Shipping Length 25cm
Unit Of Measure ea