Kit Contents

  • Still Spirits Gin Botanical Basket
  • Still Spirits Gin Botanicals London Dry Gin

In this Gin Botanicals Kit, you'll receive the Botanical Basket and Gin Botanicals London Dry Gin Pack. The London Dry Gin is a blend of juniper berries, coriander seeds, liquorice roots and citrus peel to make an ideal Dry Gin.

You will be ready to make gin right away with your Still Spirits Alembic Still or the Turbo 500

How does it work?

Simply make your spirit wash as normal

First perform the Stripping Run through your still.

Then screw the Botanical Basket on to the Alembic Pot Still dome and condenser or to the Turbo 500 condenser (by removing the saddles) and run your still a second time as per normal. The spirit passing through to infuse your botanicals or any other herbs you wish to add will flavour the spirit to make your own unique Gin or flavoured alcohol.

Barcode # 9329875485776
Brand Still Spirits
Shipping Weight 0.9000kg
Shipping Width 10cm
Shipping Height 10cm
Shipping Length 10cm