Bevline Regulators Made by Tesuco

The Bevline Co2 Regulator comes with a 5 year Warranty and is designed as a Commercial Grade Regulator. Far superior to standard Home Brew regulators.

It is designed for use with CO2, has two pressure gauges, a fully machined brass body with single stage pressure reduction and is side entry to suit the cylinder outlets.

 It is compatible with all standard CO2 Gas bottles and is the ideal choice for the home keg system especially if you are someone that likes very good gear. It is a seriously good reg and far superior in performance and durability than the cheaper regs.

Bevline regulators have a built in safety relief as well as a non return one way valve built into the outlet. They are very simple to use and will last a lifetime of brewing.

It contains quality manufactured components, a fully machined brass body, a control knob for fine pressure adjustment plus protective rubber housing for the pressure gauges. 

Barcode # 9347779001298
Brand Bevline
Shipping Weight 2.0000kg
Shipping Width 20cm
Shipping Height 15cm
Shipping Length 20cm
Unit Of Measure ea
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