The Still Spirits Turbo Classic 6 Yeast, Turbo Carbon & Turbo Clear - FIVE Pack

5 x Still Spirits Classic 6 Turbo Yeast (Specially designed to use with 6kg of sugars)

5 x Still Spirits Turbo Clear

5 x Still Spirits Turbo Carbon

 enough to make 5 x 25L batches of wash / distillate.

 Why Choose this pack? 

Choose this pack if you prefer to brew batches with 6kg of sugars. This Turbo classic is specaifiacally designed to produce higher quality results with a 6kg batch. Total alcohol volume is reduced compared to 8kg batches but it produces fewer bi-products during fermentation leading to a cleaner spirit. 

Classic 6 is specifically formulated to ferment across a wide range of temperatures, while still producing a clean tasting spirit. It will ferment out faster between 3 and 6 days. We  always recommend you use Turbo Carbon and Turbo Clear as it will significantly improve the performance of Classic 6 Turbo.

This pack also contains contains Turbo carbon to clean & filter the wash during fermentation and Turbo Clear to remove the unwanted yeast cells after fermentation. 

Why Choose Classic 6 Turbo?

  1. ultimate all-rounder producing a great distillate every time 
  2. performs really well between 18 and 30 degrees so perfect for all climates and seasons.
  3. can be made with 6kg of sugar  for faster ferment 
  4. We call it a "set and forget" as it is a very low maintenance yeast . Just let it do all the work.
Barcode # 4444378163667
Brand Still Spirits
Shipping Weight 2.0000kg
Shipping Width 20cm
Shipping Height 10cm
Shipping Length 20cm
Unit Of Measure ea