The Still Spirits Turbo 3 Pack of Pure Turbo Yeast, Turbo Clear, Turbo Carbon and EZ carbon (Please note Turbo Pure was previously known as Turbo Triple Distilled )

  • 3 x Still Spirits Turbo Triple Distilled Yeast / Turbo Pure Yeast
  • 3 x Still Spirits Turbo Clear
  • 3 x Still Spirits Turbo Carbon
  • 3 x Still Spirits Ez Carbon Filter Cartridges

Why Choose this pack? 

Choose this pack if ultimate alcohol quality is your objective. It also contains Turbo Carbon to clean & filter the wash during fermentation and Turbo Clear to remove the unwanted yeast cells after fermentation. 

The Still Spirits Turbo yeast are the biggest selling Spirit Turbo yeasts in the world. Turbo Triple Pure, is designed to make a wash of the ultimate purity as it only produces 90% less by-products during fermentation. Ie if you put a very clean wash in your still you will get an even cleaner and more pure result.

Perfect for Gin & Vodka drinkers who need a clean and very pure spirit to produce a quality drink. We recommend the use of Turbo Pure with any Still although it is the only yeast recommended to use with the Air Still.

Brand Still Spirits
Shipping Weight 1.9500kg
Shipping Width 10cm
Shipping Height 80cm
Shipping Length 15cm
Shipping Cubic 0.012000000m3