The Still Spirits Turbo 10 Pack of Classic 6 Yeast, Turbo Clear, Turbo Carbon and EZ carbon

10 x Still Spirits Turbo Classic 6 Yeast 

10 x Still Spirits Turbo Clear

10x Turbo Carbon

10 x Still Spirits Ez Carbon Filter Cartridges

1 x EZ filter Washers pack of 10

Why Choose this pack? 

Choose this pack if you want the best performing most robust yeast to make supreme quality alcohol. It performs really well in a wide range of temperatures (15 - 30 degreesC).  It also includes 10 packs of Turbo Carbon to add an extra layer of filtration in the wash, plus 10 packs of Turbo Clear to help clear the wash before distillation. It also has 10 x EZ Carbon Cartridges to filter batch after ditillation plus a pack of EZ filter washers.

About Turbo Classic 6

The latest version of Turbo Classic is now known as Still Spirits Classic 6 Turbo. It is the same as yeast Turbo Classic except better...see below

Classic6 is designed to be made with 6kg batches, it has a low fermentation odour and will ferment very successfully across a wide range of temperatures whilst producing a superior clean tasting spirit.. Smaller 6kg batches will produce 3.8lt approx at 93% in a T500 and the results will be very pure. . 

Barcode # 4444378164195
Brand Still Spirits
Shipping Weight 5.0000kg
Shipping Width 30cm
Shipping Height 30cm
Shipping Length 20cm
Unit Of Measure ea
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