Grainfather All-In-One Brewing System

If you’re passionate about commencing home brewing but apprehensive about all the varying systems and pieces of equipment, Australian Home Brewing has the perfect micro brewery for you. The Grainfather is an all-encompassing production system that allows you to traverse the entire all-grain process with this ultimate all-in-one system.

Forget the mess and strain of separately mashing, sparging, straining, boiling and cooling, products like the Grainfather Connect, allow you to complete all these processes under the one lid. Grainfather systems are for sale at our online store and designed for use with our All Grain Recipe KitsWith cutting-edge technology including Bluetooth connectivity providing an automated, but still greatly enjoyable, professional beer making experience, the Grainfather Full Kit is perfect for newcomers and seasoned pros alike.

This system is unique in the beer making world as a brewer you have access to their extensive production community. Brewers all over the world have contributed their recipes to the company’s community library. It is the largest all-grain beer recipe resource in the world. Check out the ratings and search by ABV, IBUs, beer type, hopes and region. Set your parameters for your ideal brew and search, and you will be faced with plenty of choice. With the Bluetooth technology these recipes can be imported into your mobile app and then ultimately run through your system.