Twin Keg System with Twin Long Shank Stainless Steel Beer Tap. ... With 100% AHB Support 

A Twin keg Set with Twin Taps. This means you can have two different beers on tap at the same time .

Please Note: 

This Premium Keg Set features, quality stainless steel 19L Kegs, 2 x Long Shank Beer Taps & a Commercial Grade Bevline dual gauge Regulator with 5 Year manufacturer’s Warranty. It also includes superior commercial grade beer and gas line tubing.  

We only use the very best Kegs & Components to make our Keg Sets. No cheap shortcuts and this system is fully Guaranteed by Australian Home Brewing. You will love it!

This Keg system is designed to be used inside a standard fridge. Install both taps in the side wall the fridge our even the front door so you can serve 2 beers from 2 different kegs at the same time.

Keg Kit Item Contents 

  1. Two NEW 19L Stainless Steel Kegs…100% pressure tested guarantee (dimensions 63cm tall x 22cm diameter ) 
  2.  2 x Stainless Steel Beer Taps with 100mm long shank - (Designed to fit into the wall of your fridge..drill a hole and screw it in.) 
  3. Mangrove Jack's Twin Gauge CO2 gas Regulator with 3 year Warranty
  4.  2 x Ball Lock Gas Disconnect fittings 
  5. 2 x Ball Lock Liquid Disconnect Fitting
  6.  7 meters of 6mm Brewmaster Beer Hose a($2.90 per M) see description below as to why this quality beer line is so important
  7. T-piece for splitting gas hose 
  8. 10x  Hose Clamps 
  9.  Keg & Line Cleaner 500g 
  10. No Rinse sanitise x 2 
  11. 11. Instructions 

 ABOUT Stainless Steel 19L Kegs with all new fittings Cornelius Compatible. This is without doubt a superior keg .Superior fittings and superior gauge stainless steel. In essence this is a far superior keg in both construction design and durability.

 All fittings are replaceable and features Cornelius ball lock posts and it designed to provide years of brewing pleasure. It comes complete with all new rubber O-rings, post-poppets, stainless steel posts and pressure relief valves. 63cm tall and a diameter of 22cm.

 With your new system you will get the best quality gear your beer or cider. It will be full carbonated and ready to drink in 3 days. Crystal clear with no sediment. No more bottling required.

About Mangrove Jack's Regulators

The Mangrove Jack's Co2 Regulator comes with a 3 year Warranty . It features two pressure gauges and single stage pressure reduction. Suited to all Standard CO2 Gas bottles.  (note 2.6kg and 6kg Gas Bottles sold separately but only available as a pick-up item at our Oakleigh South Store)

Important note About Brewmaster tubing.

All our Keg sets come with A grade Brewmaster Tubing. Your beer will pour smoothly, be better carbonated and taste fresher and better compared to non-food-grade tubing. The best quality line is crucial to maintain your tap room beer quality.

 Tests results have shown that the optimum contact surface material currently available for the dispense of beer is nylon and this exact tubing is used by the world’s leading breweries. It has low gas permeability and is also highly flexible compared to solid nylon tubes. This ensures optimal carbonation levels throughout the beer pour.  It has been designed to ensure reduced bacterial growth and yeast adhesion so that the taste and quality of your beer is maintained. The line is very easy to clean and maintain with AHB’s Keg and Line Cleaner that comes with every AHB Keg Set.

AHB Warranty and Support

We provide a 2 year warranty on all our equipment plus we are here to support you 6 days a week should you need advice or assistance.


Keg Dimensions

  • Height 65cm
  • Diameter 22cm

Please allow around another 5cm for fittings



Barcode # 9421025516221
Brand Australian Home Brewing
Shipping Weight 42.0000kg
Shipping Width 70cm
Shipping Height 35cm
Shipping Length 50cm
Unit Of Measure ea