Choose any mix from Still Spirits Top Shelf Spirit 50ml Essences Range. Each bottle makes 2.25ml. (note: you can also select Top Shelf Liqueurs)

The full Range of Still Spirits Top Shelf include:

Scotch, Irish & Canadian Whiskeys: Shamrock Whikey ( previously know as Irish Whiskey), Whiskey  (previously know as Scotch Whiskey), Smokey Whiskey (previously know as Smokey Malt Whiskey), Single Whiskey (previously know as Single Malt Scotch), Rye Whiskey

Bourbon Whiskey: Bourbon, Kentucky Bourbon, Southern Whiskey (previously know asTennessee Whiskey), Cherry Bourbon, Honey Bourbon, Southern Haze, Wild Eagle Bourbon

Rum: Aussie Gold Rum, Aussie Red Rum, Dark Rum, Jamaican Dark Rum, Jamaican Gold Rum , Spiced Rum , White Rum, Dark Spiced Rum

Vodka: Top Shelf Vodka, Caramel Vodka, Citrus Vodka

Tequila: Top Shelf Tequila, Tequila Silver

Brandy: French Brandy, Napoleon Brandy, Apple Brandy

Gin: Top Shelf Dry Gin, Pink Grapefruit Gin, Pink Gin (with juniper, spice notes and citrus), Elderflower Gin

OTHER: Absinthe, Ouzo, Ruby Port, Summer Cup No 1 

LIQUEURS: Choose any essence from the Top Shelf Liqueuer range