Single 5lt Keg Set with Party Tap .. The ideal Bar Fridge System

This Keg set comes complete with a Mangrove Jack’s 5Lt Keg …small enough to fit into a bar fridge and completely portable.

Using Kegs as an alternative to bottling?

Once your beer or cider has finished fermenting you can fill your kegs directly from the fermenter. Follow the instructions to carbonate your keg with CO2 gas . Your keg will be fully carbonated within 3 days and ready to enjoy. 

Please Note this Keg Set does not contain a CO2 Gas Bottles. Sold separately see below.

Keg Dimensions 

  • Height 26cm
  • Diameter 17cm

Dimensions including fitted ball lock cap 

  • Height 34cm
  • Diameter 17cm

Keg Kit Contents

  • 1 x 5lt Mangrove Jack’s Stainless Mini Kegs with ball lock fittings & dip tube.
  • Party Tap
  • Co2 Regulator with twin gauges 
  • Gas Disconnect fitting
  • 2 meters of 6mm Brewmaster tubing  for gas
  • 4 hose clamps
  • Keg & Line Cleaner 500g
  • No Rinse Sanitiser Sachets x 2
  • Instructions
  • Silicone dip tube.

About the 5Lt Mini Keg

  • Each Keg is fitted with a ball lock cap which includes a gas and liquid post and a pressure relief vale.
  • Portable size
  • Pressure carbonate (using the ball lock cap)
  • Stainless steel body
  • Handles for easy transportation
  • Slimline to fit into small spaces in fridge.
  • Includes 5l keg & Ball lock cap / hose.

About Brewmater Beer & Gas Line

All AHB Keg sets come with A Grade Brewmaster nylon tubing. Your beer will pour smoothly, be better carbonated and taste fresher compared to non-food-grade tubing. It has low gas permeability and is also highly flexible. This ensures optimal carbonation levels throughout the beer pour.  The line is very easy to clean and maintain with AHB’s Keg and Line Cleaner that comes with every AHB Keg Set


  • 2 Years

We only use the very best Kegs & Components to make our Keg Sets. No cheap shortcuts and this system is fully Guaranteed by Australian Home Brewing

CO2 Gas

To use your Keg system, you will need a Co2 Gas Bottle to carbonate your beer or cider. With a 2.6Kg Gas Bottle you will enjoy many keg fills. These are available for pick-up only at Australian Home Brewing. If you are not local or live interstate, please source gas from your local gas supplier. The Regulator supplied with this set includes standard fittings.

Shipping Weight 15.2000kg