Brewcraft Brew Blends

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This is a neutral blend of glucose & corn syrup. Use it instead of sugar to give your beer a pure taste & a creamy mouth-feel. 
Recipe: COLD/ICE BEER Make a Beermakers Cold kit with 1kg of #10 Brew Enhancer.

This is a lightly malted blend of malt, glucose & corn syrup that adds flavour to your beer & at the same time improves the mouth-feel & head. It can be used instead of sugar in any kit beer. 
Recipe: FOSTERS Make a Beermakers Lager kit with 1kg of #15 Brew Booster

This is a richly malted blend of malt, glucose & corn syrup. It gives your beer a rich & satisfying flavour with a delightful creamy finish on your palate. Use this instead of glucose to convert a regular kit beer into a great beer. 
Recipe: CARLTON DRAUGHT Make a Beermakers Draught kit with 1kg of #20 Malt Plus Booster.

This is specially made from malt & corn syrup to add lots of body & flavour to kit stouts. Use this instead of sugar or glucose in any kit stout & reduce the water to 18 litres to make a really satisfying drink. 
Recipe: COOPERS STOUT Make a Black Rock Stout kit with 1kg of #25 Stout Booster. Make it up to 18 litres only.

This also includes lactose with the malt & corn syrup to give you the rich bitter-sweet taste of a classic milk stout
Recipe: Add it to any good stout kit. Again, the suggestion to cut your brew back to 18 litres works well.