• 23L PET Carboy
  • 26-32mm rubber bung with airlock hole
  • Air Lock
  • Stick on Thermometer 0-40 degrees C
  • Easy Siphon
  • 1m x 8mm food grade tubing

This pack contains a new PET carboy 23L with fittings and siphon. It comes complete with a 26-32mm rubber bung with an internal hole and airlock so you can brew or rack your beer or wine.

You can watch your beer as it brews or use it is a racking vessel. After your beer has finished fermenting simply siphon it from your fermenter into the Carboy. Place the bung and airlock on top and leave it for a few days to settle. Once your beer has cleared then bottle. This will cut your sediment to a minimum.

Winemakers will use this Carboy in a similar way.. 23Lt suits Winekit Production for racking.

  • Carboy height 550mm
  • Diameter 280mm

How to use the Easy Siphon

One pump of the Easy Siphon racking cane will start a siphon when immersed in as little as 15cm of liquid. If the level is below 15cm it may require a second pump.

Easy Auto Siphon includes a removable diverter tip to minimise sediment pickup. Plastic construction; can be disassembled for cleaning.


  1. Sanitize and rinse your Easy-Siphon
  2. Attach the curved siphon to the tubing hose.
  3. Submerge the end of Easy-Siphon into your container.
  4. If bottling directly place tubing hose inside your bottle or alternatively place the tubing into the container you're racking to.
  5. Pull the inner tube up until the liquid fills the tube and pump the inner tube down and siphoning will begin.


  • Diameter 28mm, Length 58cm
  • Suits 11Lt & 23Lt Carboys
  • Not suitable for 5Lt Glass Bottles
Barcode # 4444378163904
Shipping Weight 15.0000kg
Shipping Width 57cm
Shipping Height 31cm
Shipping Length 31cm
Shipping Cubic 0.054777000m3
Unit Of Measure ea